As a young boy from a neighbouring village (Beselare), I passed numerous British cemeteries on the bus to school in Ypres, day by day. The cemeteries were a common feature. Growing into adolescence, I became aware of the importance of these sites.

Taking school in Ypres for 6 years, I was fascinated by the impressive buildings, market place and cobbled streets of this medieval town. Little to realise that a passionate teacher of history rolled me into hundreds of books on Middle Ages and the First World War.

At the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 I researched the path of soldiers who fell in the Salient. The gratitude of their relatives made and enormous impact on me. Since then, the involvement in the Great War and local history has become personal.

Troubatours was founded in November 2009. The aim is not simply to welcome and guide guests around in Ypres, the battlefields and Flanders. We let you experience history. We go to the spot where the event happened and try to go to the very heart of the truth.