Ypres - From Middle Ages to Menin Gate
(evening tour)

At night, Ypres is beautifully lit. This gives us the opportunity to discover and marvel the most significant and majestic witnesses of Ypres’ rich and diverse history. Did you know that Ypres was once one of the most important cities of Europe? Even bigger than London in the 11th century with over 35.000 inhabitants. It was also the theatre for one of the most horrific pages in history during the Great War.

The Cloth Hall, the market square, the Menin Gate and so many other sites and places take us back in time. What do they try to tells us? What do they represent? Discover Ypres’ medieval as well as military history during this atmospheric tour.

Guided walks Every Tuesday, Thursday en Sunday eve from 8.20 till 10.20 pm Start at the Menin Gate (after Last Post) and end at the Market Square.
Guide is at the left side of the street coming from the Market Square, with poppy on left chest.

- € 25 per person
- children under 6 are free
- youngsters till 16 are € 5
Minimum of 2 participants. Cancellation with pouring rain at 8.15 pm. With slight rain umbrellas are at hand!